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This is a fun group including our very own club secretary Alan Mcghee.


On June 4-September 27, 1998 one our club members' collection was featured in a gorgeous museum quality exhibition Called: "Forward March" "An Exhibition of Toy Soldiers, Books, and Art Works from the Collection of Frank Steffens" at the "The Bienes Center For The Literary Arts". The exhibition was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The staff at the center put together a fantastic site to accompany the objects on display. It's filled with information about the hobby and the fascinating story of Mr. Frank Steffens.
The Bienes Center For The Literary Arts

Beau Geste Militaria This is a great site. A family run business serving the hobby since the 80's. Their site is fully bilingual and lots of fun in both English and Spanish.


Toy Soldiers Etc.!!! A wonderfully whimsical site set up by an expatriate American selling toy soldiers all the way from Japan.


The Mini Soldier Gazette is a 64 page quarterly newsletter for collectors of toy soldiers, miniature figures and associated items.


"Dutkins' Collectables" This site in an incredible resource not only for Figures for your collections but Rick is an excellent source for MOLDS. Whether you want them ready to march or have the bug to cast and paint your own this is the place.


"THE TOY SOLDIER COLLECTORS OF AMERICA" This site is virtually a headquarters for collecting full of information that is updated regularly.


Prince August Kilnamartyra, Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland


"Old Toy Soldier" The journal for collectors. For the past 27 years, the words "Old Toy Soldier" have become synonymous with Toy Soldier collecting, formerly Old Toy Soldier Newsletter, as some of our long time contributors still refer to it, the magazine has been an integral part of the Toy Soldier Hobby with its informative articles and regular features on all aspects of collecting Toy Soldiers and Figures.

Collecting toy soldiers This site is by a collector for collectors features several extensive Photo collections...


The Toy Soldiers Of WmHocker. The photos on this site show some of the best Toy soldiers seen on the web. And You can Buy them too. Mr. hocker also maintains an excellent set of links on his site (see his resources page). Manufacturer of Metal Toy Soldiers

Additional web sites from vendors at our 2003 show

Trophy of Texas - Traditional Toy Soldiers and Miniatures from Wales

Military Chess Sets

Welcome to The Battle Rhino www.thebattlerhino.com

War Store Collectibles www.warstorecoll.com

Action Toy Gear | For Play or Display/ Joya Action Figures


Flight 19 International Plastic Modelers' Society / Flight 19 Broward County's chartered member chapter of IPMS/USA

The Army Men Homepage - You know them - those toy soldiers molded in soft plastic that are sold by the bagful.  They have been around since the 1950s.  Known as Army Men, the two- to three-inch soldiers are a staple of many a boy's toy chest. Most folks eventually THINK they outgrew them.

These links have photos and reviews from our past shows as reviewed by other toy soldier sites...

Here is a review of Our 8th show by the Local GIJOE Collectors Club...

Here is a review of Our 7th show by the Local GIJOE Collectors Club...

Here is a review of Our 7th show by Beau Geste Militaria...

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